Products reviewed

On our page you will find various test series for different product types. Beside the videos and texts you will find in each review a clear evaluation of the respective device. But how do these reviews come about? After you found out who we are, we’ll explain on this page how we test.

Adapted to the product
Before we even unpack the devices, we consider exactly what kind of product it is. We determine which criteria make sense for the test series and design a weighting. This means that the different criteria of importance are ordered and evaluated. You will find this order behind the individual criteria in the conclusions. For example, we rate “suction” in the case of suction robots at 30%, a third higher than “processing & design”.

sk pl cs nl bg ky fr iw da ja ms km ru es it ku ka de mi ur id lv pt th si el tg be hy kk vi ko lt no et tl tr ta ar hu az fi hi sv sl bs sr uk ro en hr 

The final score is calculated as follows:

Suction (30%)= 5 stars = 30×5 = 150
Operation (30%) = 4 stars = 30×4 = 120
Battery life (20%) = 5 stars = 20×4 = 100
Processing & Design (20%) = 4 Stars = 20×4 = 80
= 450 divided by 5 (number of possible stars) = 90

Through this structure you can independently lower or raise criteria. If, for example, you don’t mind the absence of a remote control on suction robots, the rating can be easily adjusted. We are working on a more comfortable solution for you as a feature for the site.

Independent, critical and objective
In carrying out our tests we are independent of manufacturers or vendors. If we have been provided with a device, you will find a note about this in the corresponding review, for example here. The scores of the two Hauppauge devices show, however, that we therefore do not give away any scores. We would like to belong to the most critical platforms in the German-speaking area. We are of the opinion that many ratings from different media are clearly too lax. We want to show you the best products and inform you about possible problems. We don’t mince our words. Ultimately, we earn our money by mediating sales. But only if you actually keep the ordered product. Therefore it is very important for us to recommend the best product from an economic point of view. We are therefore not interested in brand names or the rating of other platforms.

Comprehensible and clear
In case terms in the reviews are complicated or simply unknown in our opinion, you will find more information in the info boxes below. So we hope not to leave any questions unanswered. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us on any platform. The fastest way to help you is on Facebook, as each of our editors receives push notifications from the site.