Fitness Health – are supplements good for health?

If you’re a fitness freak, all-conscious about your health, you’re sure to take up some or the other intense workout. Be it working out in the gym or running or any other form of workout you love, being fitness conscious is the best – it not only helps to tone you down but also to keep you active and fit. And supplements tag along with working out, don’t they? How far are these supplements good for you? Do they actually deliver what they promise? Let’s take you through:

First and foremost, what is the need for taking supplements? The core ingredient of supplements is protein, which helps to build faster. But the point to be noted here is that supplements are just fillers to help you fill up what your body isn’t getting in adequate quantities. This means if you have a protein-rich diet, you don’t really need those supplements to bulk up your muscles.


Second comes the safety of these supplements – substances such as creatine, caffeine, whey protein, and many others are potentially harmful on the long-term basis, if not consumed appropriately.

So basically, these supplements just speed up the procedure of building muscle by making a quick supply of amino acids to the body. In other words, supplements are shortcuts to achieving a desirable shape. Those who don’t want to make efforts to follow a proper diet and yet want a body that’s all beefed up and bulky are the ones who actually resort to the consumption of supplements.

Whenever you step into the gym, there’s a constant pressure to achieve quick results – which forces people to give in to the supplement consumption. This is more of an influence rather than a necessity. Always being surrounded by people who look fit, makes you resort to the quick way – supplements – which do deliver quick results owing to the presence of specific contents in them.

Moreover, the only persons who require supplements are professional athletes, not ordinary people who just got to the gym to keep fit. It’s always better to opt for a daily intake of protein in some or the way in your diet – be it fish, eggs or lean meat – make sure you get your daily dose of protein from all these natural sources which are abundant in protein levels.

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